It has become very popular on Instagram… for me it wasn’t very special until I drew it: it was challenging and beautiful to work onto.


September has already gone… but here you have the lettering I dedicated to this great month.

Give me some love

Do you know Aurora? She’s just amazing! Not only is her voice and lyrics great, but also her style and positivity 🙂 You need to check her out!  


We like to party… We need the weekend!


Brillo como un diamante. Saca tu luz interior. SĂ© positivo. Ten buena actitud. Cree en ti mismo.

You and I forever

Have you heard any songs from Jessie Ware? She has an amazing voice and great lyrics… I fell in love with this song so I had to letter it 🙂 Hope you like it and the song, too.    


Several months ago I came across a version of a rap song which I love because of the clever lyrics. Now I decided to illustrate one of the great words in it: besayĂșname. It comes from two words: besar – to kiss + desayunar – have breakfast. Both in the imperative reflexive form mean “have me…


Summer is almost finishing but it’s always a good idea to have an ice-cream. In this case I had to imagine it while drinking my coffee…

Live the life you love

Don’t think about what other might think. Do what you want. Decide who you are. Be brave to be true to yourself. Live the life you love.  

1st anniversary

First year as a married couple has gone… flying…