It has become very popular on Instagram… for me it wasn’t very special until I drew it: it was challenging and beautiful to work onto.

Sea shells

This summer has been quite strange as I have been away more than usual, so my chances to go to the beach have been scarce. Anyway, I could shell picking one of the few days I could make it to the sea. Here you have all the shell tipes I caught.


Summer is ending, but we can always have an ice-cream, can’t we? Which are your favourite ones?


Brillo como un diamante. Saca tu luz interior. Sé positivo. Ten buena actitud. Cree en ti mismo.

August Illustration challenge week #4

Hi! Here you have the last week in #floralsyourway challenge from August. Currently I’m taking part in the same challenge but the September version, which you can follow in my Instagram account.


This is the last entry for #floralsyourway in August, I couldn’t help it and draw a very special bouquet… my own wedding bouquet!! I just was so happy with my florist’s work: he used peonies, freesias, little roses and eucalyptus. Here you have my illustration and some pictures of me in my wedding day. Hope you…


Several months ago I came across a version of a rap song which I love because of the clever lyrics. Now I decided to illustrate one of the great words in it: besayúname. It comes from two words: besar – to kiss + desayunar – have breakfast. Both in the imperative reflexive form mean “have me…


Summer is almost finishing but it’s always a good idea to have an ice-cream. In this case I had to imagine it while drinking my coffee…

Today is like coffee

Hi, everyone! Today I bring you a really nice quote. I always say that if you don’t like something you should change it and stop complaining. I think it has a lot to do with this quote – do as much as you need to be proud of yourself, don’t invent excuses. Today is like…

First tattoo flowers

Hi y’all! These are my very first ink flowers before I even joined the challenge #floralsyourway. I love the combination of different flowers so I might draw a bouquet next time.  

Todo corazón

Good morning! Have you ever seen drawings of hearts? I simply love them, so I decided I had to do one of my own. There are loads of them with growing flowers… I might make one of these, too. All heart – let’s be all heart, let’s be good.