Hi everyone! It’s a long time since I last posted in here. I’m sorry but I’ve been busy with loads of things going on, and running a blog needs loads of time. Hope. I really hope I can continue with my lettering and illustration. This August has been really productive for me, as I started…


This is my first galaxy; the first of many 🙂 Have a good Sunday!


Nothing changes if nothing changes It’s easier to complain about everything instead of taking action to get what you want or improve your situation. We focus on the negative without finding solutions. This is a reminder for changing that pattern – Don’t complain! If you don’t like something, change it! Because… nothing changes if nothing…


Home sweet Home We seem to have collected a bunch of gorgeous orchids throughout the years living in our home. This is only one of our windows, but there are more places in which you can see orchids at home. I’ll think about showing you the rest of the family 🙂  


“Look at me now, I’m young forever in the sun” Today’s upload is about Oh Wonder’s new single “Ultralife”. Once more they have inspired me with their positive lyrics. Have a nice weekend!

What’s in a name? – Andrea

Andrea I got really surprised when I checked the meaning of this name, because I’ve got a friend who has always shown strength and bravery. Andrea means: vital strength, bravery   Andrea Me sorprendió muy positivamente descubrir el significado de este nombre, porque tengo una amiga que siempre ha demostrado valentía. Andrea significa: fuerza vital,…

Resolutions 2017

Happy New Year!! I’ve got lost to thank to year 2016. It was amazing. So I only wish this one brings at least the same beautiful feelings to share with family and friends. Here I’ve got some meaningful resolutions I can share with you. The less important are… irrelevant.   Feliz Año Nuevo!! Tengo mucho que…


Will we kiss under the mistletoe?

Christmas coffee

Christmas coffee In less than a month I’ll be enjoying Christmas coffee with family and friends. Special coffee, spiced with different ingredients, which make it unique and will always remind me of this lovely time with people I love. I wonder if baristas would be able to replicate my illustration in my coffee 🙂 Café…

Christmas tags II

Present tags This year tags are ready to go! I’ve also made tags in Polish so everybody at home could enjoy them. Hope you like them.   Etiquetas para regalos Las etiquetas de este año ya están listas! También he hecho mensajes en Polaco para que toda la familia pueda disfrutar de las tarjetas. Espero…