La poética del ascensor


This is one of the illustrations I’ve created for the book “Cin Cuen” by Juan Luis Mira. In his new book the reader will find fifty stories written in 100 words. They are fantastic, I really recommend it, as well as any of his other books. Here you can read the English version:

The lift’s poetic

No matter what button you push, it always takes you where it pleases. The technicians, after an inefficient inspection, advise that for security reasons we use the stairs. I do not care. If it stops on the sixth, a retired teacher treats me to a liquor; on the second, an old lady tells me about her years as a spy; on the fifth, a golden feeds her puppies whilst I play chess with its owner; on the loft floor a recent widow’s perfume seduces me… The lift has taught me life reserves a surprise on each floor.


Esta es una de las ilustraciones que he creado para el libro “Cin Cuen” por Juan Luis Mira. En este nuevo libro el lector se encontrará con cincuenta historias cortas compuestas por 100 palabras. ¡Son fantásticas! Os lo recomiendo junto con sus otras obras. Poética del ascensor


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