Dear Reader:

Beauty is everywhere, you just have to open youR eyes and observe what surrounds you.

I remember going to the hairdresser’s in an early summer afternoon with my mother. She always wanted us to start “fresh” in the boiling-hot season ahead. I loved observing how they did it, I could not get my eyes off! I smiled as the scissors started to cut my wet hair- what a sound! What about the smell of hair products and shampoo? Other women talking, hairdryers humming…

Life is full of wonderful details and nuances we should not miss.

That is what I love to transmit with my paintings. I would like my work to cause the same effect on you as my excursion to the hairdresser’s had on me.

If you are one of those people who loves having a unique work of art made with love and dedication, this is the perfect place for you.

La belleza está en todas partes, sólo tienes que mirar a tu alrededor

Recuerdo ir con mi madre a la peluquería en una tarde de verano. Siempre quería que empezara el verano “fresquita”. Me encantaba observar lo que hacía la peluquera: cómo me peinaba, cómo separaba las capas y organizaba el pelo, ¡no podía apartar mis ojos! Sonreía cada vez que escuchaba el sonido de las tijeras cortar mi pelo mojado. Ni qué decir tenía el aroma de los productos y champús. Todo esto sucedía mientas las mujeres hablaban y los secadores zumbían.

La vida está llena de detalles maravillosos de los que vale la pena darse cuenta.

Eso es lo que me gusta transmitir con mis obras. Me gustaría que mi trabajo causara el mismo efecto en ti que mis excursiones a la peluquería tenían en mí.

Si eres una de esas personas a las que le gusta tener una obra única hecha con amor y dedicación, estás en el lugar correcto.


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  1. lara332 says:

    Just love your work!

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  2. One thing that I got told to do was to really look around when you are out and about. Especially in the great out doors but also, your regular drive/walk to work. Look around, up, down all around. Sounds simple, right? The amount of stuff I saw and appreciated whilst inhaling a deep breath of fresh air was amazing! I still do it now, whenever I think to. Sometimes I think I was always walking around blind.
    Anyway, my point is that I really enjoyed this post, I will not appreciate my visits to the hairdressers more because… strangely enough, I know exactly what you mean 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much for your comment! I’m very happy to see you are a lot like me in that aspect 😀

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